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I am always touched by those who express their appreciation for my helping them achieve wellness. Here are a few of their testimonials.

"I never knew I was gluten intolerant.  I am now eating gluten free, lost 25lbs and my energy levels are soaring.  Thank you Mary" M.T.

"Mary's knowledge about nutrition is so extensive.  I have learned an entirely different and healthy way to enjoy food and I am feeling great."  E. T.

"I too have Mutliple Sclerosis but after Mary's program, I no longer have pain, my mobility has improved and the quality of my life is so much better."  P.F.

"I thank you Mary.  I was in so much pain with my MS and didn't know where to turn.  I am now exercising and feeling in control again."  M.S.

"I am a college student and was carrying around my freshman 15lbs.  I learned to eat healthy foods which stopped my cravings for junk food.  I have lost the weight and have tons of energy." G.M.

" Mary is such an inspiration and an incredibly positive person; her knowledge of nutrition wil help many people." P.L.

" Mary's passion lies in helping others; her selflessness and determination are her two biggest assets as a health counselor. " Kathy M. 

After suffering in chronic pain due to overuse disorder & fibromyalgia for approximately 3 ½ years & after having tried medications & physical therapy, I was referred to Mary by my neurologist. As soon as I met Mary, I knew I would enjoy working with her. She is very personable and cares very much for her clients and their well being. Also, because of her personal experience, she has a real understanding of what those suffering with chronic pain are going through. I thought I had a very healthy diet, for the most part, until I met Mary. She has taught me how and what to eat to fuel my body. I’m eating things that I didn’t even know existed and I’m loving them! Through the program, I’ve also learned relaxation techniques, how to put myself first & it has reinforced in me the importance of exercise. Thank you Mary for inspiring me to change my life in so many ways!" K.M.

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