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I am a baby boomer and like so many Americans, my dad has passed and my mom, now 92 years old, is in need of special care. The years have taken a toll on her body making tasks that seem ordinary to me, a challenge for her.  

My mother is visiting me for one month this summer; leaving her home where she lives alone with her little dog, Jasper.  He is her best friend, companion and reason to keep moving on through her constant arthritic pain and disabilities.  She finally agreed to fly to Massachusetts on the condition that her little dog could travel with her on the plane unencumbered.  Jasper is now a Certified Service Dog, which made her request and visit possible.  For information about Emotional Support Animal Certification go to:

When she first arrived, her pain levels were high and her mobility challenged.  I began to prepare her meals consisting of organic, anti-inflammatory ingredients.  After just ten days, I am seeing improvement in her overall health and mobility.  Eliminating processed foods, sugar and saturated fats has begun to work its magic.  She now makes it up a flight of stairs several times per day with less effort and assistance than when she arrived.

Here are some helpful hints to decrease inflammation for the special elderly people in your life:

o   Lots of green leafy vegetables

o   Organic berries

o   Sprinkle a little turmeric on a scrambled egg

o   Whole grains (Whole grains have more fiber, shown to reduce levels of C-reactive protein, a marker of inflammation in the blood, and they usually have less added sugar.

o   Salmon (wild caught or responsibly farm raised)

o   Organic Tart Cherry Juice – great to help you fall asleep





            1 scrambled egg (add 1/8 tsp. of turmeric to mixture)

            1 slice whole grain toast. (spread with coconut oil)

            Side of fresh organic berries

 Lunch:  (Most elderly persons eat their major meal early)

            1  ½lb. piece of salmon, baked with small amount of olive oil, fresh dill, minced garlic

            1 serving of organic brown rice

            Steamed spinach, chopped if necessary

            Sliced tomato with fresh chopped basil and EEVO

            Sliced organic peach


            1 handful of organic raw almonds

            1 sliced apple

Light Supper:

            ½ cup organic cottage cheese with whole grain or rice crackers

            1 banana (if potassium level is ok) or substitute piece of fresh organic fruit or berries

            Cup of organic decaf green tea with fresh mint (use raw honey to sweeten if preferred)

Our parents took such good care of us.  Let’s do what we can to take care of them so that we can enjoy their love and wisdom.